Theogeny of Wyrd

  How did the Earth and all of the different languages come to be? As an author, I understand the importance of words and the subtle nuances in meaning among words in different languages. Authors have the power to create another world through words, and that’s exactly what this story aims to do.


Before the earth’s crust formed and long before the time of man and beast, Wyrd sat, enveloped by the inky darkness surrounding him, and mused. Bored with his existence within the oppressive black atmosphere, Wyrd sighed and exhaled a great gust, creating a whirlwind of dust and dirt. The dirt formed a tablet; the black dust, ink. Dabbing his finger in the dust, Wyrd traced his finger along the dirt, creating symbols on the coarse surface. Together the symbols materialized in the vast darkness, turning into vibrant specks of light. Pleased with his beautiful work, Wyrd fashioned more groups of symbols and named them “words” after himself. Soon, what was Wyrd’s gloomy home became a bright world filled with a large, fiery orb and massive, rocky globes.


As delighted as Wyrd was with his new creations, he longed for companions with whom he could share his life. With the dust on his finger, he closed his eyes and concentrated on bringing forth another like him. The word was unusually long. For a moment Wyrd became afraid that his newfound power could not do what he wished. At the last stroke of his finger upon the dirt, an immense radiance blinded him. When he once again opened his eyes, he saw the being that had emerged from the dirt, and called her “Fate.”  This new being surpassed all of his previous creations; she was altogether different and separate from him. Love filled Wyrd’s heart at the first sight of her striking beauty. They lay together and produced many offspring, and lived happily for centuries upon centuries.

Photo by Pete Johnson from Pexels

Pleased with the companionship that he had found with Fate, Wyrd’s time was no longer occupied with fashioning new creations. However, an inherent restlessness grew among Wyrd’s children, although they had the universe for their playground. From their father, the children had inherited an intense desire for creation and a restless spirit. Wyrd’s offspring appointed one of the eldest brothers, Sanskrit, to deliver a message to their father. Hot-tempered and brawny, Sanskrit was a formidable figure to oppose. Wyrd sat, chuckling and speaking with his wife, while Sanskrit approach his father’s throne angrily. As soon as Wyrd glanced at Sanskrit’s grim features, his smiling face grew stern. Sanskrit demanded on behalf of his brothers and sisters that Wyrd reveal his secrets of creation. His face blank and incomprehensible, Wyrd gazed at his son and refused. With a torrent of curses, Sanskrit spran upon Wyrd and attempted to strangle with father with his sinewy arms. Wyrd escaped his son’s grasp, seized his tablet, and stirred his finger in the ink. As Wyrd marked the tablet with a word, a structure surrounded Sanskrit on all sides, restraining him.

Photo by Navneet Shanu from Pexels

Wyrd furiously cast his mutinous children onto one of the rocky globes that he had created. Holding his tablet and dipping ink on his finger, he created a barrier of air around the planet so that none of his offspring would escape. When Wyrd completed his strenuous task, he returned to Fate. She wept for her poor children, all of whom she had loved dearly. No comfort that Wyrd provided could assuage Fate’s grief. Distraught at seeing his wife so troubled, Wyrd promised Fate that he would fill the planet with any creation that would bring their children joy.  At the request of his sons and daughters, Wyrd formed vast, blue oceans that covered part of the world.  On the other portions of the globe, Wyrd placed lush, green carpets of grass that grew from the earth. Some of his children desired trees, bushes, and other types of foliage, while others demanded creatures of all shapes and sizes.  After the wishes of his children were gratified, Wyrd returned again to Fate. She ran gleefully to Wyrd and embraced him, then glanced over to the small cage that still sat in the same spot, with Sanskrit inside.

Photo by Blue Ox Studio from Pexels

In an instant, Sanskrit found himself on the earth with his brothers and sisters. While his siblings fully enjoyed the environment that their father had created for them, Sanskrit sat on a rock and brooded. He looked up as his father appeared before him. When Wyrd asked him what he wished for, Sanskrit thoughtfully replied that although he himself did not have the power to create worlds through words, he wanted others to exist that had such a talent. Wyrd created humans, creatures who resembled gods in appearance and intellect, and distributed tablets and ink so that man could write. These materials Wyrd hid within various objects already on earth, so that the humans could discover the writing tools for themselves. Sanskrit’s siblings greatly admired and wished for humans, and as a result, Wyrd dispensed humans all over the world. Wyrd’s children all had a special talent for creating symbols, so each of his offspring taught humans words…words that now make up the different languages. Wyrd, the great creator, pleased with his new world, returned to his wife outside of earth. Sometimes, even to this day, another child of Wyrd and Fate joins its siblings on earth and creates another language.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

I would love to hear your thoughts on my story!

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  1. This is so terrific. These days I’m into Greek mythology and fantasy and your story sounds like a love-child of both.

    But hey, I’m an Indian and though Sanskrit here sounds unruly here, for us, he comes across pretty sagacious. 😀

    Keep up the good work. Would love to read more such stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I picked Sanskrit as the older brother since that is one of the oldest languages. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Would you believe I wrote this 12 years ago?? Time flies!

      Liked by 1 person

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