PDB Picks of the Month: August

I’m a bit late, but August has come and gone in the blink of an eye! This month I have been super busy setting up my classroom, going to in-service training, and beginning the first week of school with my new kindergarten students! I was so excited for NCAA football to begin this weekend (We Are! Penn State!), and look forward to a month with NFL football again in September. I just picked 2 fantasy football teams this weekend…game on!

This is my second PDP Picks of the Month post. I’ll recap my favorite funny videos from this month, some inspiring quotes and Instagrammers who I’ve come across, current happenings in my life, and in general what I was obsessed with this month.  I took out the restaurant try-outs for this month, because honestly, we are trying to save money for a house. I’ve been cooking WAY more than usual this month. I hope you enjoy!


  • “Dog Metal- The Bubbas: Who Poo Poo’d in My House”

I laughed so hard at this video. My brother sent it to me. It’s super silly, so brace yourself! Another funny dog video!

  • “You Laugh, You Lose: Will Ferrell Vs. Mark Wahlberg”                                               This was for Daddy’s Home 2, which I still HAVEN’T seen but really, really want to. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are so funny together! They are telling dad jokes, which are some of my favorites. It’s a competition between the two actors to see who will laugh the most.
  • “Benedict Cumberbatch Does Impressions”– This was from “Ellen.” Bendastick Bandersnatch (couldn’t help myself) has been asked over and over again to do his impressions because he is so good at them, it’s seriously incredible! Funny yet impressive!






Instagram Profiles I Love:

   I have admired these 3 ladies for about a year now. They also love shopping at New York & Company, so of course it only makes sense that I would include them on my list for Instagram profiles that I love. Mary and Lydia both won the recent Gabrielle Union Collection at New York & Company contest…it’s still going on, so if you have something from the new Gabrielle Union Collection, make sure to join!

  • Curlybyrdie is a gorgeous fashion blogger who loves New York & Company just like me. I love how she puts together her outfits. She is seriously an expert at layering! Fun fact: Last year, I got into blogging because I entered an Eva Mendes contest and was a finalist. Mary was the person who won that contest! She is always glowing and beaming in each picture.
  • Chictostreetstylemom is one of my faves too. Her name is Lydia, and she is a New York & Company brand ambassador. She is amazing at finding great deals and is always looking so chic, like her name suggests. Sometimes she will do some celebrity styling, and she did her own version of a Jennifer Lopez look, which was super cool!
  • Officiallychic1, or Dani, is one of the first bloggers that I befriended by searching through New York & Company hashtags. I love her style and she’s always rocking a bold lip color, which I love. She’s really inspired me with some of the looks that she puts together, but specifically her recent denim on denim looks and how fabulous she styles jumpsuits. Definitely fashion goals!


  • Flamingo Party- I went to a “Flamingo” party at my friend Ashley’s mom’s house. We swam in the pool with my friend Jen’s little one, Connor, who just turned one. Connor was NOT afraid of the water and kept diving in headfirst on purpose. I wore my flamingo tie-front top and wore my flamingo scarf as a sarong after swimming. We did learn a few random facts about flamingos during a trivia game. For example, the pink color that flamingos have comes from their diet of crustaceans and plankton, and they will turn white if their food lacks beta-carotene.
  • Birthday Party/Game Night- In the same day, I went to my former roommate Raph’s birthday party at his new apartment. We played lots of different party games and ate lots of food. If you have never tried Codenames, you should! We have played the regular version, and at Raph’s party, we played Disney Codenames. The players are split into 2 teams, and each team has a clue giver. The clue giver is given a map of which cards belong to them and must give clues about their team’s cards. The goal is to try to give a clue that would represent more than 1 card and get all of your cards before your opponent’s guess all of their cards. (Needless to say, we had so much fun that I completely forgot to take pictures at both events!)
Chestnut Hill
My dad walks faster than anybody (not pictured are my mom and I)
Chestnut Hill
Right now in the Serendipity Shops! I have fall fever!
  • Chestnut Hill Shopping with the ‘Rents- I love having my parents visit us in Philly. We recently had a Longhorn Steakhouse open up in Bala Cynwyd near us, so we decided to take my dad out to eat for his birthday. After that, we went to Chestnut Hill and shopped on their main street. My mom and I found great jewelry deals at Artisans on the Avenue. We really like Serendipity Shops, because each room and section belongs to a different vendor. I am ready for fall NOW! I loved this Halloween display and can’t wait to break out my decorations.






  • Back to School- Of course, the biggest happening for me this month is returning to teaching kindergarten for my 9th year.  My school is going through quite a few changes, and the beginning of the year is already going great! I got my big classroom back from 2 years ago (I was in a smaller room last year) and am so grateful for the space. Look how wonderful these kiddos are at doing reading centers after only 1 week! We learn to stay in our center, do our job, clean up at the bell, and get quiet and ready to switch after the bell rings twice. They are seriously rocking it!


Coral Shirt Dress, jeans, pumps


There we have it! This month in recap…the first half was peaceful, with lots of exercising classes and cooking. The second half was a whirlwind, to say the least! What have you been up to in August? Do you have any book, song, TV show, or movie recommendations for me?


Until next time…


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  1. Love the red dress- so cute on you and you’re hair cut! Sounds like you had a busy month. I feel like the whole summer went by in a flash for sure. It always seems too…if only the winter would fly by like that! Loved all your fun things ❤ Jamie

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