The Best End of Summer Sales

Best End of Summer Sales 2018

Every August, stores begin drastically marking down their clothing for end of summer and back-to-school sales. As discussed in one of my previous posts (here), looking good on a budget does not have to be difficult if you know when and where to find good deals on clothes. Many bloggers recommend shopping out of season in order to find the most discounted prices. I personally have a hard time wanting to buy items that I can’t wear right away…is that bad? My boyfriend, Chris, knows that I’m notorious for buying clothes and wearing them the next day!

End of summer sales give you the best of both worlds: a fantastic, discounted price and you can wear all of your new items right away if you want! I don’t know about where you live, but recently in Pennsylvania it’s remained pretty hot until October, so you could really get a few extra months out of your new items. Many of the sale items are basics, like tees, tanks, summer athletic wear, sandals, sunglasses, and shorts. All of these you can buy and be certain that they will still be in style next year at this time. I can’t necessarily say the same for dresses and tops, but that’s a risk you may be willing to take for an amazing deal.


Best End of Summer Sales 2018
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


Online Only Deals

Online deals are risky, because you may not be able to return clearance or red-line items. If I don’t have a big monthly budget for clothes, I want to make sure that my money goes as far as possible. I definitely like to try clothes on so that I know it fits well and I’m not wasting my money! So perhaps if you decide to shop online, you should buy from a store where you know your size already. How many women actually refer to the size chart on clothes? If you know your measurements or have a measuring tape ready to go, you can check the chart to know which size to order. I actually never did this before I started ordering from

Best Sales or Clearance Deals

Getting an extra percent off clearance is usually one of my favorite sales, but it all depends whether you can find that diamond in the rough in the clearance or sales sections in stores. Some stores’ clearance sections are much, much better than others! These sales will pop up every now and again. If the sale doesn’t last beyond this weekend, you better believe that there will be another similar sale on Labor Day weekend so that the stores can get rid of all that clearance! Here are the best sales or clearance deals right now.

J. Crew Factory

J. Crew Factory has an online deal right now if you purchase multiple items from the clearance section. The wording of the deal was a bit confusing. At first, I thought that all clearance was an additional 40% off…which is not the case. If you buy 2 items, you get an additional 20% off your total, if you get 3, it’s 30% off, and if you buy 4 or more, it’s 40% off. It definitely makes it worth your while to get multiple items from this sale! They have many espadrille sandals, scarves, skirts, beach towels, and festive, bright jewelry in their clearance section right now. I love that J. Crew Factory makes so many different kinds of skirts… mini skirts, pencil skirts, and midi skirts. They added a scalloped detail to hems of some skirts, dresses, and shorts, which adds a feminine, flirty touch. Their bathing suits are super fun too!

When does the sale end? August 6th at 11:59 PM

Here are some of my favorite end of summer clearance items. End of Summer Sales J. Crew Factory

  1. Paris Collector T-Shirt
  2. Avocado Printed Bandana
  3. Sunglasses With Metal Detailing
  4. Polka Dot Printed Cold-Shoulder Tank Top
  5. Fruit Bunch Drop Earrings


I’m going to lump SheIn with this category, as it is an online only store. I have had good luck so far with everything that I have ordered from SheIn, but bear in mind that I have only ordered 2 items. I’ve generally heard a mixed review from other customers. The good news is that SheIn has wonderful prices just about all the time. It takes their products between 1-2 weeks to ship, because they are from overseas. All of my favorite picks are below $10.00.

When does the sale end? Right now, over 3,000 items are up to 85% off, so check it out. Honestly, their deals are good all the time!
SHEIN End of Summer Sale

  1. SHEIN Coffee Print Tee
  2. Asymmetric Cold-Shoulder T-Shirt
  3. Polka Dot Ruffle Hem Cami Top
  4. Ruffle Detail Knot-Waisted Plain Top
  5. Vogue Graphic Print Dolman-Sleeve Tee


Right now LOFT has 60% off all original prices, and 40% off all tops and sweaters. Sales items are still an extra 60% off! I really love LOFT’s clothing, but often have to shop at the outlet, because I can’t handle LOFT’s regular prices. It’s way too expensive for me. This may have been one of the best sales that I’ve seen, just based on their usual prices. LOFT’s t-shirts are some of my favorites. They are soft and comfy, and I may have bought 5-10 tees from this spring to summer.

When does this sale end? Sale end date was not listed on the website. Take advantage of it while you can.

Here are some of my picks from the LOFT.

LOFT End of Summer Sale

  1. Tiered Flutter Knit Dress
  2. Pink Wide Oval Sunglasses
  3. Anchor Patch Textural Sweater Tee
  4. Reversible Shell Pendant Necklace
  5. Flutter Tee in Purple Speckle


Francesca’s usually has a pretty decent clearance section, but they don’t often do store-wide sales as great as this one. The deal is that you buy 1, get unlimited items for 30% off, however this is an online only deal. Just like LOFT, this is a sale that is too good to pass up, because their regularly-priced items are on the pricier side. Select gifts and home decor are also 40% off right now. Note: Super cute mugs, children’s purses, and hair accessories are also part of the sale. I love Francesca’s home décor! Sunglasses are also 2 for $20, so stock up!

When does the sale end? It ends at 1:59 AM on August 9th.

Here are my favorite picks from the Francesca’s sale that are on clearance and are so cheap that it’s unreal!

Francesca's End of Summer Sales

  1. Ada Embroidered Striped A-Line Knit Dress
  2. Kennedy Curb Chain Earrings
  3. Arabelle Tortoise Shell Sunglasses
  4. Farah Fuschia Dot Wrap Blouse
  5. Adel Patina Pendant


Forever 21

Forever 21’s prices are always very reasonable. I prefer shopping online to their store. There’s usually so much going on, it’s very busy in there! It can be hard to sort through everything and really see what is there.  Back to school deals are starting at $3 and select denim is 30% off. They are a great place to stock up on cute socks, tees, tie-front or crop tops, and camisoles.

When does the sale end? The denim sale is for a limited time only. Back to school deals will last until the beginning of the school year (end of August, beginning of September).

All of these picks are under $15! I love their basics.


Forever 21 End of Summer Sales

  1. Marled Ribbed Knit Top
  2. Raw Cut Tie-Front Top
  3. Ice Cream Socks
  4. Contrast V-Neck Tee
  5. Striped Caged Back Crop Top


Banana Republic

40% off your purchase online using the code BRAMAZE

When does the sale end? Today, August 6th at 11:59 PM


40% off everything (Friends and Family Sale) with promo code: FRIEND, The Great Gap Sale up to 70% off

When does the sale end? Friends and Family Sale ends on August 6th at 11:59 PM. The Great Gap Sale did not have an end date listed on the GAP website.

Old Navy

35% off your entire order. Jeans, tops, and shorts are up to 50% off. Tees and tops start at $7, and shorts start at $12. Jeans start at $15, and their clearance starts at $2.99.

When does this sale end? The 35% off is only valid until the end of today, August 6th. Old Navy almost always has clearance sales and deals for basics. Keep it in your rotation!


Save up to 80% off Kohl’s clearance, Bonus Buys on various items, $10 off your $40 purchase of intimates, 25% off Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Converse products, Extra 15% off with promo code QUICK15, Earn $10 Kohl’s Cash for each $50 you spend

When does the sale end? There is almost always Kohl’s clearance for this price. Their shoes and sunglasses are my absolute favorite to get on clearance. The Bonus Buys ends August 7th. Intimate Sale ends August 19th. Sportswear sale ends August 11th for Nike and Converse, and the 12th for Adidas and Under Armour. The 15% off promo code and Kohl’s Cash opportunity ends August 12th.


Up to 80% off summer clearance

When does the sale end? The H&M website did not list a date for the clearance sale to end. I’m thinking that it’s ongoing. They have a lot of denim, basics, and jumpsuits for great deals!

New York & Company

All summer items are discounted right now. Some of my picks from June and July on the blog are available for at least half off! Some shirt dresses, tie-front tops, and cool jewelry and denim styles are available now. All necklaces and bracelets are 50% off, and all earrings are buy one, get 2 free!  All final sale redlines are 70% off.

When does this sale end? New York & Company almost always has high-quality items on clearance. You can definitely wait it out if you don’t get the sale today, and you will probably get an equally awesome sale next week.


In store and online, up to 70%

When does this sale end? Sale end date was not listed on their website.

Altar’d State

All shorts and sandals are buy one get one free, bralettes are 2 for $30, sunglasses are 2 for $20

When does this sale end? Sale end date was not listed on their website.


Up to 50% your purchase + more if you have a coupon, 25% off Nike, Adidas, and Converse, $10 off $50 or more on selected bras, panties, and shapewear, and 70% off JcPenney exclusive brands

When does this sale end? This sale is still going on for the 50% off and 70% off deals. The Nike and Converse sale ends August 11th, and Adidas ends August 12th. The intimates sale ends August 19th.


Shorts are 50% off, and dresses are 40% off

When does this sale end? Sale end date was not listed on the website.


Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Breakdown of Deals

Best end of summer sales

  • Want sportswear? JcPenney, or Kohl’s
  • Want shoes? Go to Aldo
  • Want jeans or shorts? Go to New York & Company, Old Navy, or Altar’d State
  • Want basic tees or tanks? Go to Forever 21, H&M
  • Want a great price and great quality? Francesca’s, LOFT, J. Crew Factory


I hope that I’m not being a bad influence on you for recommending all of these great sales. Let me know if you shop any of them! Do you shop off-season or do you shop end of season sales typically?

Until next time…















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    1. Yes, I love it! I’ll probably keep wearing it for a few months until it really gets freezing cold lol. Thanks for your comment!


    1. You’re welcome! LOFT, New York and Company, J. Crew Factory, and Francesca’s are definitely my favorite in terms of quality. Happy shopping! 😁


  1. What a great selection of items on sale here! Its the same in the UK too, a lot of items go on sale in the August, and I tend to do my Christmas shopping early as well or buy clothes for the kids a size larger.

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