Best Liquid Eyeliner Pen Review


One makeup product that I could never live without is liquid eyeliner. I use it on my upper lid only for the most part, winged out at the outer edge. The cat-eye look can glamorous, classy chic, or funky…depends on how you apply your liquid eyeliner and what kind you are using. I have recently tried out 4 different kinds of liquid eyeliner pens, because my favorite liquid eyeliner is dead and gone (RIP MAC Penultimate Eye Liner). I still haven’t found one that I like as much as that one, but I’ve been having fun trying out different pens in the process. I will give you my opinion about each pen’s pros and cons.


Product #1: MAC Brushstroke Liner

I discovered this eyeliner when I returned to the MAC counter for more of my “precious,” only to discover that they didn’t carry it anymore. What?!? So, of course, I thought that another liquid eyeliner pen of the same brand would be just as good. This is by far my least favorite of the 4 eyeliners that I have tried. The eyeliner is not long-lasting and curled up inside the cap. Do you know what a paintbrush does when you press it too hard onto your canvas and it looks like spider legs? That’s exactly what happened to the brush tip of the eyeliner, despite how careful I was to take care of it. Prior to that happening, the eyeliner was as bold, long-lasting, and easy to apply as the Penultimate liner. Afterward, I felt like a hot mess trying to apply my eyeliner, because I tried to use it as long as I could before giving up on it completely. I had to intermittently apply then use makeup remover to get odd smudges off of my lid. It was not quick drying and would often end up on my eyelids as well as my lash line. If you love this one, please tell me what I should do differently, because using it was quite the frustrating experience. It’s not featured in my picture because I already threw it away! ($21.00)


Product #2: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

This is probably the second eyeliner that I tried after my MAC liquid liner pen went kaput. Overall, I found the line to be very precise and bold (as the name implies), and the eyeliner was very long-lasting. Something that I had to get used to was how rigid the tip of the pen is. The more flexible the tip of the eyeliner, the more easily you can trace the curve of your eyelashes without making a mistake. It’s a little more forgiving this way. I started using this particular eyeliner during the summer of last year, and let me tell you, it certainly lasted through the sweat and humidity. The price for this pen is excellent! ($7.99)


Product #3: NYX That’s the Point Eyeliner in “Just Wing It”

This eyeliner is interesting, because you can select 7 different felt tips. I read about this eyeliner in Glamour Magazine, and this particular one, “Just Wing It,” was selected as the everyday cat-eye eyeliner. If you look at “Just Wing It” compared to the other felt tips, it is a fatter pen that narrows to a point. I find that I have trouble controlling how thin I want my line to be with this pen. As I trace along my lash line, I usually leave some kind of bump that I have to trace over several times. By the time I’m done, the line is very thick and not as precise as I would like. It does seem to last the whole day, but I wish it were slightly easier to use. Luckily, there are 6 more types that I can try out for an inexpensive price! ($10.00)


Product #4: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

This is my most recent purchase and has been recommended to me by family members. I like some aspects of this eyeliner. It’s easy to use, has a flexible tip that won’t fray, and gives you a precise line. From my observations so far, it does not seem to be as long-lasting as was claimed. I do have combination/oily skin and my makeup tends to run off, but I had not run into the problem of my eyeliner melting off until I tried this particular pen. I think that I will pass on this eyeliner in the summertime, but maybe I will try it again come fall/winter. ($20.00)


And the winner is…

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner!

You can’t beat the price of this liquid eyeliner pen, and it seriously out-performed these other pens on top of it! Who would have thought that Maybelline would top MAC??? Hopefully this review shed some light on these products and what they can offer you as liquid eyeliners. I’m thinking that I may try out some more of the NYX liquid eyeliners to see what kinds of effects the different felt tips might give me.


What’s your favorite liquid eyeliner? What do you love about it?

Until next time…


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    1. Ooh thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out! I haven’t written off NYX yet but want to try some of their other type of liquid liners!


  1. I love drugstore eyeliners, they are the main ones I use! Maybelline is a great brand, in my opinion. I have the Kat Von D one, but it isn’t my favorite, probably because it is waterproof and I have had it for far too long!

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