Budget-Friendly Fall Outfits Vol. 1


September has been the month of amazing shopping deals for me so far! Thank God for that, because my Halloween costume cost me an arm and a leg. I won’t tell you who I’m going to be, but I will say that the costume is both elaborate and expensive. There’s no easy way for me to do a DIY costume. Coming to you in this post are several budget-friendly fall outfits from some of my favorite stores.

First, I want to show off my insanely inexpensive outfit that I mostly got from Wish.com.


I originally was going to be grape-stomping Lucy from I Love Lucy. After I ordered my “costume” from Wish.com, I changed my mind about who I was going to be. There she is below, in all her glory. I was going to tuck the white off-the-shoulder top into my maxi skirt, then tuck the top of the skirt underneath my belt. This gives the illusion of wearing culottes rather than a maxi skirt! I’m a little sad not to be my favorite comedienne, but am so excited for this year’s costume nonetheless.

Are you ready to hear how much I paid??

Get ready for it…

  • White off-the-shoulder top, Wish.com… $5.00
  • Blue maxi skirt, Wish.com…$9.75
  • Black felt floppy hat, Marshall’s…$19.99
  • Sunglasses, Kohl’s…$1.80!!!
  • Grand Total of: $36.54!

Seriously, you need to check out Kohl’s Gold Star Clearance Event right now!

That’s where I found those cute blue sunnies. I’ve wanted a pair of colorful sunglasses all summer, and I couldn’t walk away from that deal! Honestly about one quarter of the women’s section at my local Kohl’s was devoted to clearance clothing, hats, scarves, bags, and sunglasses. You can save up to 70% off! Shop this event here.

Fall Outfits on a Budget

Here are my choices for fall outfits on a budget. I tried to keep 2 outfits under $50 for you, and 2 outfits under $80.  It’s hard to find a whole ensemble for that price, but here are 4 outfits from 4 different stores that you can buy online or in the store.

Under $50 Fall Outfit #1: Maurice’s


I personally love the whole 90’s vibe of wearing a black lace tank over a white tee. This $6 tee has the tank attached. In my last blog post, “Tips for Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall,” I discuss how to switch up summer items for the fall. One quick fix to this tank top to make it fall ready is to add a dolman sleeve open cardigan. I would also wear this with boots!

Under $50 Fall Outfit #2: SheIn


 I am so obsessed with olive green in general, but I can’t get enough of military style jackets, dresses, and tops. This dress is tough but also feminine, because of the flounce trim at the neck. The tan accessories look amazing against the olive green. I usually pair my shorter dresses with knee high boots, but in the case of a maxi dress, I would choose ankle booties to balance out the length. Now if only I could walk in those wedge heels on the hills where I live!

Under $80 Fall Outfit #3: New York & Company


Okay, so it’s a little bit over budget, but not by much! I would get on this beautiful bell-sleeve dress before it is gone. Because I have short hair, I tend to wear a lot of big, bold earrings. I am trying to gradually add more necklaces like long pendants and statement necklaces to add visual interest to my look. Have you heard of sock booties? They fit a little bit more snugly to your ankle like a sock would! These faux suede ankle boots look like they would fit just like that.

Under $80 Fall Outfit #2: H&M


I’m not ready to let go of gingham just yet! I bought the best gingham cropped top over the summer, and love how this long-sleeved gingham top was styled in the Pin shared above. It looks so retro and feminine with the pleated black A-line skirt and wool hat. I love how the silver swirl earrings add a modern touch!

What are some good deals that you’ve come across lately? Which of these looks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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