5 Ways to Feel Good in What You Wear

Do you ever wake up in the mornings and wonder what in the world you’re going to wear? Every once in a while, I end up with a pile of clothes that don’t seem to “work” for me that day.  Sometimes it seems so much easier to figure out what to wear if you’re a guy. Take my boyfriend for example. He has his basic style of jeans, black or grey t-shirt, sneakers, and backwards hat. He looks great, feels confident…done. Not to mention that he can walk into the store and buy something in his size and pretty much know that it’s going to fit.

I would LOVE for it to work this way for women, but we all know it just DOESN’T. I’ve been thinking about this topic for the past few days, and I hope to expand upon each one of the following points in future blog posts as well. You really can’t cover this topic in one blog post;  you can’t teach someone how to feel good in your clothes in one sitting, or explain why most women 100% of the time don’t feel good about what to wear. It’s just not possible. I’ll start by giving you a few points to think about for today.

1. Does it fit?


Too tight pants 😦

I’m going to start with this photograph from yesterday’s Instagram post. It may look cute in the picture, but I felt sooooo uncomfortable all day long. I typically don’t hold onto clothing that no longer fits either through shrinkage or my own growth (haha!). For some reason, I didn’t let go of this “size too small” pair of cropped pants. This is a big mistake for a lot of women to either wear a size too small or too big in their clothes. I honestly chose the best looking picture out of all of those that I took. In the other photos, I realized that with my vest unbuttoned and my pants so incredibly tight, it created a major belly pouch for me. Not cute! I think we can get fixated on what size clothing is and obsessed with staying a certain size. I believe we actually feel worse squeezing into the wrong size, rather than just accepting that you need to move on to the next number. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! You should be able to stand up, move, and sit down comfortably. It’s common sense, and yet I still did it yesterday!


2. Does it accentuate your best features?

Belt the waist, show off the legs and shoulders!

Next, I want to talk about choosing clothing that highlights your favorite features on yourself. It’s not an answer to say that you don’t like anything about your body. Not possible! Really take a good look in the mirror and think about your favorite body part(s). For me, it’s my shoulders, waist, and lower legs. I like sleeveless tops and clothing that cinches at my waist. I don’t feel comfortable having skirts and shorts that are too short, because my butt and thighs are a bit larger. If you would look through my closet, you would see that much of my clothes reflect which body parts I feel best about and want to highlight. I wrote a blog post this summer about one style of dress that flatters everyone…A-line dresses. You can find it here to learn more about what A-line means and also how to style it according to your body type.

3. What does the color do for you?


Olive green is my friend!


Yes, the color of your clothes can either hurt or help you tremendously. Remember “Color Me Beautiful,” which would analyze which “season” you are based on your skin tone, hair color, and eye color? From there, each season would be light, clear, or warm, based on their overall skin tone, and clothing and makeup colors would be recommended for you. I’ve looked at what colors I’m supposed to look best in, and it’s somewhat overwhelming. This can be a good place to start if you are not sure which colors are more flattering on you.  This website was helpful for me, but it is a fairly in-depth quiz: http://www.thechicfashionista.com.

  Honestly, I would have to bring all 30 color swatches into the mall with me, and I’m just not doing that! The best advice that I ever heard about choosing colors of clothing for yourself was this: Try on the clothing or hold it up to yourself, and look in the mirror. Where does your eye go? If your eye notices the color first, it’s not a color for you. If your eye notices your skin first (and your skin looks amazing and fabulous!), then that’s the color for you. For years, I didn’t like the color olive green, just because I thought it was drab. I tried the mirror trick, and I realized that olive does wonders to compliment my blue-green eyes, blonde hair, and slightly tanned skin. I’m wearing an olive dress right now from Express (a $17.00 steal!). A color that is right for you will make your skin glow, and a color that is wrong will make you look washed out and drained. Truth.

4. Does it fit your style?

Bodysuits: Yes, Rompers: No

I will admit right now that I think rompers and jumpsuits look adorable on other people, but I just don’t think that it looks right on me. Maybe I haven’t tried enough of them on to know for sure, but generally that’s my consensus. I love, love, love, the straw bags that are popular right now and will probably get one sometime soon. I wrote a blog post highlighting the cutest straw “kitten” clutch from Red Velvet Memphis. I also am a fan of the mid-height heels and body suits as well.

You’re going to feel very awkward if you’re wearing something trendy that doesn’t really fit with your personal style. And if you feel awkward, guess what, you’re going to LOOK awkward too. It is definitely a vibe that other people can sense. I have many friends with completely opposite styles from myself, but they look just as beautiful, if not more, because they own their personal style and are confident in it.  The world doesn’t need millions of people that all dress the same. Also, if you are uncomfortable wearing something you would have worn at 20 and you’re now 30, please don’t force yourself to wear it. The same awkwardness will happen to you!

 5. Do you love it 100%?

I walked back to Beale Street for this red beret. 🙂

This is my No. 1 trick when I’m shopping, although I am obsessed with clothing, so this helps to weed out a lot of things that are just okay. Think about:

  • What first catches your eye?
  • Try it on. Think of the first 4 ways to feel good about what you’re wearing. Does it meet those criteria?
  • Walk away, but if you can’t stop thinking about it, come back and buy it!

I hardly ever buy anything without trying it on first for these reasons. Plus, I have so many clothes that I would be both crazy and broke if I brought home all of the clothes that I like that are 80% good. If you’re in love with your clothes, then it will show!  I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it will help you to feel good in what you’re wearing. Which one of the 5 tips would you like to hear more about? What is something you bought recently that you love 100%?

Until next time…


30 thoughts on “5 Ways to Feel Good in What You Wear

Add yours

    1. Yes, me too! If you’re not comfortable, what’s the point, right? It needs to fit with your own style and personality.


    1. Yes! That’s why I love the 100 rule. I would buy wayyyyy too many clothes if I liked them a little. It helps me save my money. Lol


  1. I rarely buy clothes too! I’m just so picky that way haha but I guess this is a good thing. Lately I’ve been trying to get less caught up in the trends and dress in the way that makes me feel confident – this post definitely helped!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trends only last so long! It’s much better to have some key pieces that work with your own personal style. Thanks for your comment! 😊


  2. I love this post!! The color is huge for me. I might like the color on the hanger but I always force myself to try it on to see how it looks on my skin tone. Whenever I’m shopping with friends, I tell them the same thing. You never know until you put it on!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The 100% and color trick is me all day. My bf asks how many pink dresses do I own and my answer is not enough. I feel powerful in the color and I hardly buy pants because I just -feel- better and sexier in dresses. Best of all, it looks like I try really hard to look nice when I’m actually too lazy to put on two articles of clothing in a day. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m assuming you love clothes as well since you’re a shopaholic too. It’s nice to go through things in your closet every once in a while to only keep the best pieces. ☺ Thanks for commenting!


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