Black and White Prints

One of the styles that has been requested to me by one of my followers is how to wear black and white in multiple ways. It’s not considered trendy anymore to be wearing head to toe black. Black and white is so much more appropriate for summer, and many clothing stores are stocked with black and white printed dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, and pants. Printed bottoms are everywhere, and you may be wondering how to wear this trend.



For this outfit, I started with the black and white tribal print shorts. With black and white printed bottoms, you can wear a solid black or white top, a solid vibrant color such as bright yellow, hot pink, fuchsia, cobalt blue, or red, or with a denim or chambray shirt. I chose a denim sleeveless shirt so that the shorts steal the show. Denim or chambray can often be worn as a neutral, even though it’s not an idea that people think of right away.  The black fringed sandals also matched the shorts perfectly.

  • Shorts: New York and Company 7th Avenue Pull-On 4-Inch Shorts in Black/White Tribal Print
  • Shirt: New York and Company Denim Sleeveless Shirt
  • Shoes: New York and Company Black Fringed Sandals
  • Bracelet: New York and Company Silver/Gold Multi-Tone Mesh Coil Bracelet


This outfit was great for a day walking around outside, enjoying the summer weather. I could see myself wearing this to a barbecue or day on the boardwalk. You can even wear a bandeau bra or bikini top underneath and unbutton the denim top.


One last detail that may have been missed on the last few photographs. If you look closely at the necklace and bracelet, you will see that both are the multi-tone design that I am obsessed with currently. My top has huge silver buttons, and my shoes have gold studs. It doesn’t matter what kind of metallic accents are on your clothing if you are wearing multi-tone jewelry. I am wearing a necklace with silver, bronze, and gold coins, and a silver and gold mesh bracelet. The mesh on the jewelry gives it the appearance of a snake wrapping around your arm. I like how the different colors in the jewelry add depth, but I also like how versatile this look can be.


Hopefully this gave you some ideas on how to wear black and white this summer! Do you love wearing black and white like I do? How do you style it at this time of year?

Keep it classy!


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