Polka Dot Blonde Begins

Hello, hello! This is my first blog post as Polka Dot Blonde. My name is Melissa, and I’ve loved fashion ever since I was a little girl playing dress up. ย 2 years ago I started a blog (just for me, not for the public) and wrote about anything and everything that inspired me. It turns out that the blog posts about fashion would get me absorbed for hours on end. I actually lost track of time when I was writing them! ย On top of that, this year I was honored to be a finalist in New York and Company’s Eva Mendes Spring Style Contest. ย It opened my eyes to what was possible for me as a fashion blogger.

My hope for this blog is that it will inspire women to create their own personal style and OWN it. For me, I know that I am drawn towards bold, geometric prints and patterns, bright colors, black and white graphic prints (polka dots, of course), feminine details, and a cool, Audrey Hepburn, effortless type of style. Not everyone likes things like that, and that’s okay with me. From reading my blog posts, I hope that you will get a sense of what works for you and makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy.

My second goal for this blog is to help women mix current trends with classic pieces, so that you don’t have to run out and spend a fortune every new season! You should be able to work with some basic, classic items that every woman should own to style most outfits. ย When you buy something new, you should be able to wear it in multiple ways, and not be resigned to one outfit.

I’m looking forward to you coming on this journey with me. Stay tuned for more!

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