Long Vests: A Classic Trend That I Love

I can appreciate the oxymoron of a "classic trend." Classic looks are timeless. I think of Coco Chanel and her return to simplicity in a decade when clothing was extravagant and opulent. Long vests fit into this category of classic style, because of their beautiful yet simple tailored cuts. Many of my fellow insta-bloggers have... Continue Reading →

How to Transition Your Floral Dresses From Summer to Fall

Floral dresses are classic staples of any woman's wardrobe. I honestly wear them all year round, because my style is very feminine and romantic. However, the way that I style my floral dresses varies greatly on the time of year. Not only does the temperature influence my accessories and how I layer, but the change... Continue Reading →

Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Achieving a work-life balance is easier said than done. It reminds me of a unicorn, in the sense that it is “highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain” (from Oxford Dictionaries). There’s no easy formula that’s going to help you create and maintain balance between your work life and home life, mainly because everyone’s... Continue Reading →

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